Thursday, December 31, 2009

Through Eliza's Eyes

Eliza loves gadgets. She knows how to use my iphone better than I do, she love's playing with the camera, the video camera, and the kids gameboys. Every so often, I find that my little one has been photographing her world and it is always interesting to see her pictures;
Eliza looks up: To the right:
To the left:
To the front:
and of course a self portrait:

Sometimes I feel like I forget how amazing life is. I often get caught up, worried about this or that. Burying my brain and busying my hands. So busy waiting for the next great big thing, that my here and now is often filled with wasting time and making excuses.
Then there is a moment, like this one where I am sorting through photos; clearing my memory card; that I come across pictures that my 3 year old daughter took when I was busy doing something else. Pictures of things that I take for granted - things that are worthy of her lens.

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