Friday, September 25, 2009

That's why we call him "Bruiser"

Aww! Look at our sleeping boy. Sweet Eh?

Well look a little closer. What is that? 1. 2. bruises on his forehead?

Oh wait! one more in the corner of his eye...for a total of 3 - yes three big goose eggs in the matter of 2 days!

How does that happen to such a sweet little boy????
Well, he likes to climb on the spinning computer chair...
And then jump off when mom walks by...that is close enough for her to catch me right?

Then he finds a laundry basket of clean diapers. Yumm! clean diapers! but wait the basket is round...anyone wanna guess how this ends?

Oh and if you can't reach all the junk mom has up on the counter, you gotta find a way to get up there...hmmm - looks the the vaccume is a great step up. And yep you guessed it...that falls over too!!!


Mary said...

oh cute!

Mary said...

I'm sure it was fun taking these pictures too!