Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Eliza's 2nd Birthday

Hard to believe that she is two already! The time really does fly. We had a very busy day but we spent a few minutes celebrating with a "party".
Eliza was very afraid of the candles. Here she is wondering what is that thing on her cake...

I made Eliza a few birthday gifts this year. This is a dress I made her for church. I made it a bit big so she has some room to grow. It still needs snaps and ties. I also made her some felt food for her to play kitchen with. She is trying to figure out if she could eat it...LOL!

Here is a video of her refusing to blow out her candles, Enjoy!


JenRubio said...

Happy Happy Birthday sweet Eliza!! We love and adore you so much! The photos are super cute, but this video is just too too precious!! It's so funny that I think I need to go watch it again!

Mary said...

Thanks for the adorable pictures of my cute neice. She looks alot like me...Kidding...Happy B-day Eliza! Cannot believe you're two!

Laura I would like some close up pictures of that felt fruit. I know...I'm retarted.


lauramaynot said...

I'm more retarded than you Mary...I took a bunch of pics of it on plates because it is so pretty! LOL! I will send you an email.